Saturday, November 23, 2013

Beginning With Our Traveling Toys!

Welcome to Stony Brook School's Traveling Toys' website!  We're so happy to have you here!  We're beginning with our first traveling toy, Brooke Pablo Fluffy (seen above).  He was rescued from Señorita's prize box and will be sent to travel the world.  He'll go on a special trip with someone over Thanksgiving. Who will it be?

What is a traveling toy?  This is a fun way to learn about geography and responsibility.  Small toys will be given to students as they go on adventures with their families, whether they be right here in Massachusetts or across the globe.  I look forward to seeing great, happy  images of where our toys may go!

Any student at Stony Brook may participate in this project.  However, the club meets just with six graders, as that is the only time I have lunch free.  Together we'll work on updating this website, see where the toys have traveled, and learn a little bit more about those places and people.

Our main toy, Brooke Pablo Fluffy, rests above near Señorita's keyboard, along with her personal toys that keep her smiling during her day.  He's getting ready for his travels!

Our school motto is "Do The Right Thing," and here Brooke Pablo Fluffy jumps right in!  But wait!  He's with someone else!  Who could that be?  That's LeilaParAvion, a little figure who has already begun to travel the world.  Her original home was Thailand, but she has also been to Canada and Iran.  Wow!  What an adventure!

Here are Brooke Pablo Fluffy and LeilaParAvion hanging out on one of Señorita's birthday sombreros.  Good times!

What's next for the Stony Brook toys?  LeilaParAvion is in HAWAII!  And Brooke Pablo Fluffy will spend a special Thanksgiving with a student.

Thanks for visiting!

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